Healthy diet for pregnant women

1. Every day you should eat a portion of the following five food groups, each group can be separately feeding, ie 5 meals a day:
 Dairy foods for healthy diet
- Dairy foods. This can be a yogurt, 1-2 cups of milk, 200 grams of cheese, cottage cheese. Dairy foods provide the necessary dose of calcium.
- Fruit. 300 g (2 fruit) fruit a day - can be any fruit (provided to pregnant no allergies to anything). Fruits provide the body with fiber, which helps fight constipation. Also fruits sate hunger for sweets. If you have strong cravings for sweets, are best stuffed with fruit than chocolate or pastes (even if you eat more than 300 grams of fruit, it is better than fast carbs in candy, which soon will be sticky thighs, buttocks and abdomen).
- Many vegetables. There is no limit in vegetables you can eat as you want fresh, fresh salads. Only potatoes is limited to not more than 200 grams per day, not every day.
- Portion of cereals or pulses. Pregnant women should eat and bread - 2 slices per day is not scary and will not lead to weight gain. If it is whole grain, the better. Oatmeal is preferable to white bread. Of pulses can eat several times a week for 1 cup lentils, beans, peas. You can eat spaghetti, but to look at the package to write from durum wheat (Barilla brand is made of this) - 1-2 times a week.
- A portion of meat or fish. 200-300 grams of meat per day, it is best boiled or roasted, avoid fried and breaded. Can it be two small meals of 100-150 grams, for example, for lunch and dinner, and may have a great meal (according to personal preferences)

 2. Once a week you can eat one of the following (but only one of them once, but not all at one time) - a piece of cake or a chocolate bar or a pizza.
 Fruit and vegetables diet
3. If you experience uncontrollable cravings, then tread with fruits and vegetables - as heme is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber, yet your belly is full and will not gain weight.

 4. Replace the oil with olive oil because it contains saturated fatty acids which are important in the formation and development of the baby's brain also involved in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins (A and E for example)

Sample day diet for pregnant women: 

Breakfast 1 cup milk, 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal (not granola, oatmeal and clean) for sweetening can use a banana or half a teaspoon of honey.

Brunch 1 fruit Lunch 150 g roasted filet (meat or fish) with a huge fresh salad and a slice of bread. After lunch breakfast A fruit or a yogurt

Dinner 150 g fillet (meat or fish) with a huge salad or 1 cup of pulses (lentils, beans, peas) with a huge fresh salad Total accepted view is that pregnant women need more food than women who are pregnant - this is not true. Pregnant women do not need more food, but need quality food - rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates and slow saturated fatty acids (fats). From the fifth month as pregnant should increase their intake of calories, but not by much! Increased calories should not be more than a calorie yogurt for example.

So pregnant women should not be calm down that you have to eat too much because it is important for the baby! For the baby it is important to provide the necessary substances not contained in cakes, pastries, pretzels, pastries, cola and any other tasty foods, but highly redundant. Remember that while you are pregnant you will all enjoy and will forgive weight gain, but after giving birth will have an excuse for big ass and protruding belly and then will be thick!

It is best to go on a diet for pregnant immediately after learning the news, do not delay a day. The other thing you should do is to start immediately brush with cream against stretch marks. Even if you're still in first or second month, immediately began to anoint as the skin needs time to be prepared. The most problematic areas are the abdomen and breasts begin to enlarge in early pregnancy. Chest and abdomen should not be stroked and massaged while you are pregnant because it causes contractions, so anoint be more quickly and without too much rubbing and massaging.

Lubrication cream against stretch marks must be made after each shower because the water washes away the cream of the previous paint, and after bath skin best bear lilies.

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